WSSS Guitar Materials List



     Here is a list of all of the materials that parents of our guitar students at the

          Winston Salem Suzuki School need to purchase for their children:

1.  Guitar - anywhere from $250-$700, depending on the quality.  To size your child for an instrument, bring them to group class and we will “try on” several sizes there.  For more information on obtaining a guitar, see the "Buying A Guitar And Sizing Your Child For A Guitar" link on this web page.

2.  New strings - strings need to be changed an absolute minimum twice a year. Professional performers change them WAY more frequently than that!  It is a good idea to think of changing strings at least at the beginning of each of the Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions.  For information about obtaining strings, see the "Buying New Strings for Your Guitar" page on this website.

     Most of the rest of the materials listed below can be found at Jackson’s music near the mall (always call first 336 760 9635 to see if they have them in stock).  If they cannot be purchased locally, order directly from (800 826 8648).  An active link for each of these is provided below.

3.  footrest -$16

4.  Suzuki Guitar Book 1 Guitar Part - $7 (be sure to buy the Guitar Part)


5.  Suzuki Guitar Book 1CD - $12

     If you would rather buy these recordings digitally, follow these steps:

-go to

-in the search, put in Suzuki Guitar

-scroll down until you find the particular CD you wish to purchase

-important - hit the title of the CD, not "Buy Now"

-at this page, underneath the "Buy Now" field, there is an indication on how to buy this digitally.  Hit this field under "Also available digitally”.

6.  Nurtured By Love (book) by Shinichi Suzuki $11


7.  Clip On Vibration Tuner: $15.  Do not get the Snark tuner, they tend to break.  Get the            Planet Waves PW-CT-12 NS Micro Headstock Tuner, or D'Addario NS Micro    Clip-On Tuner


8.  Folding BLACK Step-Chair - a properly sized chair is an essential element for establishing a proper playing position.  These chairs are for home practice as well as group lessons and other performances - they are collapsible and very mobile.  We will size your child at their lesson for the appropriate height chair you need to order:

a. 9 inches (for 2 and 3 year olds) $11

b. 11 inches - $12

c. 13 inches - $16

d. 15 inches - $20

e. 18 inches (high school - adult size) - $24


         Total materials startup cost above excluding the guitar = approx. $70-$80


                                          Materials you will need later:


1.  Shubb Capo. (approx.$19).


2.  Christmas for 1, 2, or 3, Guitars - Schmid (aprox $8)


3.  Music Stand

     Here are two perfect music stands for our kids to perform with.  I have both of these at the studio so you can look at them.   They open up low enough to the floor so that the sound of our guitars can travel over the top of the stand, and do not cover up the faces of our players!  

     For the 4:30 class I suggest the Crafty Gizmos Black Adjustable Folding Music Stand with carrying bag.  The lowest setting has the bottom of the shelf at 16-inches from the floor.  It is available from Amazon for $16.95.

     For the advanced 5:30 ensemble, we are asking parents to buy a Manhasset M52C Voyager Concertina Stand - the lowest setting has the bottom of the shelf at 17 inches from the floor. This particular Manhasset stand is available from Amazon for $55.99:

     At this same site I suggest you also get the Manhasset 1800 Voyager Tote which sells for $16.  This is a nice tote bag for the stand which also has ample room for music and a foot rest.  If you really want to go all out you can also buy Manhasset shelf extenders for an additional $21.  These double the size of the shelf and help avoid difficult page turns.  Amazon will bundle these three items for $96, a savings of $20 buying them separately.


                                   Optional materials you may want:

Guitar Stand (for a "practice station" at home that facilitates getting started!).





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