Guitar Making With Jason Pickard

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     We are very fortunate to have guitarist and luthier Jason Pickard joining us.  Jason is a unique combination of accomplished guitarist (he teaches guitar at Garner Webb University) and also a guitar maker.  Jason has a luthier workshop and store in Charlotte NC and has been building guitars for about the past 20 years.  His guitars are widely respected.  We are going to get an inside look at the process, as well as roll up our sleeves and help him build one!                                                                                             If you'd like, after our weekend workshop Jason can give us photo updates on the progress of the guitar throughout the year. When it is done you can get an invitation to visit his workshop in Charlotte to see and play the finished product that you had a hand in creating!    Children under the age of 10 are required to be accompanied by an adult for this elective class.  Parents:  this sounds like a great class to take together with your child.

Drum Circle

     John Beck, Winston Salem NC 

     Reece Jennings, Boone NC 

     Drums will be provided or you may bring your own.

Optional Competition Prep/Performance 

            Development Class 

     Any student my elect to attend this class at 8AM on Saturday, but please note that this first hour is completely optional.

     This is a class that serves two purposes: 

     1. This class seeks to help develop your child's ability as a performer.  It will offer an informal "low stress" solo performance opportunity for students, with guidance from a teacher on performance etiquette. 

     2.  The class is scheduled directly before the competition.  For students competing, this will be an relaxed opportunity to warm up as well as a diffuser of the stress that often accompanies competitions.  They can run through their piece with an audience as well as be given guidance on developing the proper mental attitude towards competing and performing in general. There will be discussion on what takes place at the competition, how to handle oneself on stage, and encouraging critiques for anyone interested.  This is not a master class where we will give advice on the music itself.

     You know your child best!  If your child is in the competition, they might be better off sleeping later or else just being alone!

Arts and Crafts Corner With Mrs. Kossler

     This is an elective titled as "optional" in your schedules because it will be open during the majority of workshop for students to visit as they like - it is not formaly structured into your busy schedule. In this class students will enjoy three different activities at three different stations: 1) drum making 2) working on a pencil drawing for the art competition for next year's T-shirt art, and 3) Kakejiku (Japanese hanging scroll making). Children 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

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