7. Music to Download


    This year we will feature several special ensemble pieces at the Suzuki Guitar Workshop:


1.  Pachelbel Canon

     The beauty of this piece is that it is multi-level, meaning that all the various ability levels of the guitarists involved can be given parts of increasing difficulty - even the Twinklers can be given a part.  This allows the entire group of guitarists, regardless of ability level, to perform together.

     If you would like to prepare a portion or all of the Pachelbel for the Boone Suzuki Guitar Workshop, here are some online resources:

     The music for Pachelbel Canon, along with an audio tutorial, can be found in my dropbox.  The link is



2.  Telemann Concerto for Four Guitars

     This is a favorite in Suzuki circles and is geared towards players who read and play at least on a Book 2 level.

     If you would like to prepare one of the parts for the Telemann concerto for 4 guitars, here are some online resources:

     Links to the music for the Telemann (score and parts) and links to several tutorials for the Adagio and Allegro created by my son Adam Kossler are available at my dropbox site:


     Links to the several tutorials for the Telemann done by my son Adam Kossler are available directly from youtube at






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