5.Should I register for both events?


1.  The quick answer:

     The general answer to this question is a resounding YES!  We run our Suzuki Guitar Workshop concurrently with the Appalachian Guitar Festival so that our students can get a “bigger picture” of their involvement with the guitar.  This will translate into being better equipped and motivated to excel on their instrument.  We are not trying to develop professional musicians in the Suzuki Method (though it happens…), but we are trying to communicate the wonder, dignity, and fun associated with our art form, as well as the benefits of growing up with the ability of being an accomplished guitarist.

     The only reason you would not want to register for both events is if your child is very young and is not interested in doing the Appalachian Festival competition, or would not be able to sit through or appreciate the concerts sponsored by the Appalachian Festival.

2. The overall schedule "parameters" of the weekend are:

     The first scheduled event for all students at the Suzuki Guitar Workshop is a Friday Play In at 5PM followed by an optional Pizza Dinner and Faculty/Student Competitors Recital at 6PM. Optional additional private lessons are available earlier in the day on Friday.

     Suzuki Guitar activities start up Saturday morning at 9AM (there is an optional 8AM Performance Development Elective especially geared to those in the guitar competition).  There are other activities for Saturday night, but the last Suzuki event for Saturday is an informal concert given by our students at at 5:30. 

     Sunday activities are optional but strongly encouraged! Sunday morning you are invited to help us provide a short formal Suzuki concert for the Appalachian Guitar Festival which will be given as part of the Festival's guitar orchestra concert.   The final optional event for Sunday is the finals for the Appalachian Festival's Division I Guitar Competition at 1PM (this is a ticketed event).  You will hear some great guitar playing there!

3.  Concerning "doing it all" (potential schedule     


     We have been careful to make sure that there will be no Suzuki Guitar/Appalachian Guitar Festival schedule conflicts for any students who are also registered with the Appalachian Guitar Festival for the purpose of enjoying these two major benefits:

       1. participating as a contestant in the Appalachian                      Festival guitar competition, and/or

       2. attending ticketed events (Friday and Saturday                                 evening concerts, Sunday afternoon final competition round)

     You do not need to be registered the Appalachian Guitar Festival to take advantage of their free offerings, and you can buy individual tickets to their ticketed events without registering as well.  Your Suzuki schedule may however result in some difficulty catching every one of the free offerings at the Appalachian Guitar Festival.  To plan for how many of the additional free activities you can take in at the Appalachian Festival, you will need to check your individual schedule for the Suzuki Guitar Workshop that you will be given after you arrive for the weekend. 

IMPORTANT: We have set up our Suzuki Workshop schedules so that those who elect to also register for the Appalachian Guitar Festival can truly take advantage of both events.  The Boone Suzuki Guitar Workshop is however unable to accommodate reduced fees or schedule changes for students who elect to take master classes or any other activities offered by the University's Appalachian Guitar Festival.

4.  Considering registering for just the Appalachian Guitar Festival and not the Suzuki Festival?

      Our suggestion is that students registering with the Appalachian Festival for the purpose of doing the competition, especially the younger students, also register for the Suzuki Guitar Workshop. The Suzuki Workshop will usually offer a more productive and more fun experience for the students than just attending the Appalachian Festival, which is geared more to adults.  This will be especially true for those students participating in the competition.  Competitions can be stressful, and the workshop will be a stress reliever as opposed to just staying on the University campus and registering for a master class through the Appalachian Guitarfest.

     It may be that your child is old enough and mature enough to register just for the Appalachian Festival.  If so, we of course encourage you to do so!  (Honestly, no hard feelings!)  For Suzuki students registering only for the Appalachian Guitar Festival however, the Suzuki Guitar Workshop has no partial registration capability for a limited participation in the Suzuki Workshop, other than the choices of either a full two day or just a one day registration (in both cases, Sunday activities are encouraged but are optional).  Both the two day and one day registration opportunities are spelled out in the “BSGW Registration" link.





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