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     Deadline for receipt of all Appalachian Festival registration, including competition registrations in all divisions, is April 15, 2017!*(see note at page bottom) New this year: Send all registration materials to the address at the bottom of this pageSuzuki students registering to participate in either festival must send all registration materials for both festivals to the Suzuki Guitar workshop.  Please write a separate check for Appalachian workshop fees.

1.  The Appalachian Guitar Festival Registration         

     The full Appalachian Festival registration fee is normally $75, but has been reduced for the Suzuki Guitar workshop participants to $60.  To register your child for the Festival, visit the registration link at Appalachian Guitar Festival Website at  http://music.appstate.edu/news-events/guitarfest.  Print the application, and just write in the reduced $60 fee for Suzuki Workshop participants next to $75 figure, but also write the word SUZUKI next to it.  Please remember not to send this form to the Appalachian Festival.  Instead, include the form along with your Suzuki Guitar Workshop Application to the address at the bottom of this page. Please write a separate check for Appalachian workshop fees.

     An additional fee is required for those interested in playing in the guitar competition (see point 4. below).

2.  Concerning the invitation to take a master class on the 

     Appalachian Festival Application Form.

     The Appalachian Festival Application form invites all full registrants to take a free master class with a teacher associated with Appalachian State University.  While Suzuki parents are encouraged to register their children for both the Suzuki Guitar Workshop and the Appalachian Festival, our Suzuki Workshop students will not have the time to participate in either the Appalachian Guitar Festival Guitar Orchestra or the master classes offered by their teachers without creating a conflict with their Suzuki Guitar workshop schedule. Our Suzuki students registering for both festivals may elect to take advantage of these two opportunities offered by the Appalachian Guitar Festival, but the Boone Suzuki Guitar Workshop is unable to accommodate reduced fees or schedule changes for students who elect to pursue these activities.


3.  Concerning Ticketed Events

     Registration for the Appalachian Guitar Festival provides a student full access to all Festival events, including tickets for the three ticketed events:  Friday and Saturday night concerts, and the Division I (graduate level and young professional guitarists) final competition round on Sunday.  This access applies to the registrant, and in addition, to one parent or guardian of the registrant only, not additional family members.  Additional tickets for Appalachian Festival ticketed events can be purchased at the door.  Each event is $25 for adults, children registered with the Suzuki Guitar Workshop (but not with the Appalachian Festival) are $15.

     All classes and seminars at the Appalachian Festival are free to the public, as are the open rounds of competition as described on the festival schedule. This includes ALL rounds of Division III and IV competitions.


4. Appalachian Festival Guitar Competition Fee

     If your child would like to compete in the Appalachian Guitar Festival Competition, our Suzuki students will be in either Division III or IV, depending on their age. For information regarding the age ranges for these divisions and the cash prizes involved, see the competition link on the Festival website:


     To register to compete, the fee is an additional $20 for Division III or IV.  This fee is added to your $60 Festival Registration fee on the form you are asked to print from the registration link at the Appalachian Guitar Festival Website at https://music.appstate.edu/news-events/guitarfest-2017/guitarfest-solo-guitar-competition.  To compete, you must be a full registrant in the Appalachian Guitar Festival.

This form is included in all of the other registration materials sent to the address below, not to the Appalachian Guitar Festival.

     Please be sure to speak with your teacher before deciding to compete.


     Send all application materials for the Suzuki Guitar Workshop and also the Appalachian Guitar Festival by the Suzuki Guitar Workshop April 1 registration deadline to:


Boone Suzuki Guitar Workshop

Winston Salem Suzuki School

3112 Burkeshore Road

Winston Salem NC 27106


*The Appalachian Festival deadline is April 15, but in order to coordinate your child's participation in both festivals, we need all of your registration for both festivals by our registration deadline, April 1.  Due to scheduling demands, it is possible that materials submitted after April 15 may not be accepted.

      Please write a separate check for Appalachian workshop fees.

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