Who is eligible to attend a Suzuki Guitar Workshop?

     Enrollment is open to guitarists of all ages:  from our youngest "pre-Twinkle” beginners up to advanced students, including adults.

     Students of teachers not using the Suzuki Method are also welcome, as are their teachers.  Students can enroll as a Full Suzuki Guitar Workshop Participant (Friday-Sunday) or Partial Workshop Participant (Saturday-Sunday only).  In both cases, Sunday activities are optional.  

     For all teachers visiting and observing:  Please join us for a Saturday lunch session with the faculty for the purpose of exchanging ideas and catching up on our experiences and research into the art of teaching the guitar.  Visiting teachers need to enroll as an observer in the workshop, $15 (fee includes lunch).  No need to register for this in advance.  This fee is waived for teachers bringing students to the Workshop or serving on the faculty.


 What about the private lessons on Friday?

     The private lessons run for 30 minutes and are a great opportunity for some intensive work with a clinician. These are only available on Friday afternoon and are not reflected in the registration fees because payment for these are made directly to the teacher. For more information, contact William Kossler at wkossler@triad.rr.com

What is a Master Class?

     A Master Class consists of no more than 4 students. Each student will perform a solo piece for the teacher while the other students watch quietly. The teacher gives specific feedback for each performer and offer tips to the other students to help them practice the same pieces. Each class lasts for about an hour.  Observation is a powerful teaching tool and is an important element of the master class.

What is a Group Class?                                                       

   A Group Class usually consists of a group of students of approximately similar ages that perform at similar levels. In this setting students will be perform pieces together, learn practice techniques, enjoy games, and enjoy working in a collaborative environment with others.

What is a Play In?

     A Play In is a meeting of all students, all levels, that perform usually on the same instrument. All students will be invited to perform pieces that they are able to play. Students who do not know how to perform any of the pieces can watch quietly while the others perform.

Can siblings and parents participate in Elective Classes?

     We welcome siblings and parents of Suzuki Guitar Workshop registrants to participate in our elective classes at no cost, but we do ask parents to be sensitive to the number of registered students in any particular class, and to the availability of class materials. We will do our best to include everyone! Children 5 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.






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